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where nutrition meets your well being

Hi, pleased to meet you, I'm Daniela your holistic nutrition coach.

Our body is like a temple, it's the only true home for our soul. We can travel the world, chose to live anywhere we desire, build lifetime relationships, create the most extraordinary things and experience life as we please: our body supports us all the time. When we walk, run, play, stand still before a beautiful sunset, practice yoga, meditation or any sort of sport or anything you could imagine: our body allows us to do so. It is there for us, unconditionally any moment we breath, it therefore deserves the greatest respect and the best possible care both from the outside and the inside.

Holistic nutrition today plays a key role in our lives and in preserving our body for the greatness we are here to accomplish, a role that goes way beyond what and how we eat. It certainly relates food, but it also concerns emotions and feelings, relationships and situations in we perceive, understand and handle all of it, deeply affects and impacts our well being and ultimately our happiness.

a little about me and why I'm here

After several years as employee in the corporates’ world, I’ve developed a strong need to take up a different role, centered around people and my great passion since many years: NUTRITION. Family events, health situations, the desire to reach a higher energy level, to feel at ease within my body, to live in perfect harmony, has led me to a very profound realization and the need to deepen my studies, and ultimately to serve others through my knowledge and experiences.

What started as a passion, has now become my mission: I’m sincere when I say that I'd be honored to share and accompany you along the same discovery journey and be your guide, as we walk through a path that can appear polluted by confusing and contradictory information.

Don't stop looking for the best version of yourself, she is out there, she is already sending you love...she can't wait to meet you!

my coaching philosophy

The desire for change needs to come from you first, but you must know your reasons, and they need to speak to you in a compelling way. This is where I come in, to help you formulate what and why you wish to change, to help you stay truth to yourself, constantly reminding why we've met in the first place.

As we discuss "what" needs to be done, I'll even more explain "why" it needs to, so that the understanding will increase your awareness and motivation to stay the course.

Only then this journey can become joyful, and any change sustainable.

my approach in 7 simple steps

1. First contact

Book your first appointment by approaching me either via WhatsApp, email or directly by calling. Allow me to introduce myself as I explain my approach and be ready to share why you are considering taking this journey.

2. First rendez-vous getting to know you

Get ready for a first long session. We will touch several aspects of your life: from your current health conditions, your relation with food and your energy level, to your family anamnesis, your habits, your routine, your lifestyle, your work, sports you practice and more. Be open to share what your expectations from this journey are: your desired outcome and its purpose will drive you to take action for your own good! I will then assign you some homework in preparation to our next session plus I’ll share important recommendations you’ll be able to apply immediately.

3. Second rendez-vous set your first objectives

SGet ready for another long session, as we review your assignments, clarify some details, discuss more in depth your motivation and reasons for change to finally decide and set together your first S.M.A.R.T objectives: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bounded.

4. Establish new routines

This is where change starts to happen in your daily life, as you stay focused and true to the objectives we set. Several researches have proven that it takes 21 days to establish and consolidate new routines. I will walk by your side, as you start experiencing the benefit of change and realizing it really can be a joyful experience.

5. Third rendez-vous:
monitor and track progress

Let’s sit together and check how you are progressing towards your objectives and share if anything is getting in your way. This is a good moment to reconsider whether we’ve been too aggressive or too relaxed in the targets we set and eventually calibrate.

6. Follow-up rendez-vous
tune and adjust the approach

We will decide together how often we should meet to follow-up, according to your other priorities in life. My role is to help you stay in check, motivated, become more and more aware of the benefits attained while making sure we continue what we’ve started. We will tune and adjust the approach to ensure the most joyful and successful experience.


The most rewarding moment, when you reach your objectives and appreciate the true benefit of a change which is there to remain, forever in your life. Be certain we’ll celebrate, together! I personally don’t like the word “failure”…it tends to diminish a person. Don’t forget your value, if you have decided to take this step it means you wish to take full ownership of your health, of your well-being. Should our initial strategy not work out, we’ll analyze the reasons, adjust and iterate for success.

these are the services I can offer

your holistic nutrition coach

SJoin me for a 1-to-1 coaching program, tailored around you. I will walk by your side as you experience the benefits of change by achieving the goals together we set:

  • rediscover inner balance, self love and respect
  • improve your lifestyle as you become aware of choices you make
  • improve your lifestyle as you become aware of choices you make
  • experience how proper nutrition can help you controlling stress, reducing anxiety, improving the quality of your sleep and increasing your concentration
  • rediscover an healthy and loving relationship with food
  • reach the body weight and mass that rightly belongs to you in a sustainable manner
  • optimize your sport performance
  • maintain outside, certainly without forgetting the inside harmony, as you follow MAP procedures
  • preserve your body’s health by focusing on prevention against modern lifestyle diseases
  • relieve your digestive disorders
  • find an optimal acid-base balance

your grocery shopping advisor

The vast offer we experience nowadays in any grocery store, poses a difficult challenge in making choices that are right for us. Invite me next time you enter a store and let me be your independent and trustworthy advisor helping you to navigate with ease and awareness. You will learn:

  • how to follow a seasonal-based approach
  • why to give preference to local food
  • why to favour freshness over quantity
  • when and how to chose BIO products
  • how to read product labels in order to make the right pick

multilingual support

Bonjour, Hello, Buongiorno: it's ideal if you can express yourself using the language you feel the most at ease with; I provide all my services in
French, English and Italiano.

virtual sessions

Is meeting via video call a more convenient option for you? no problem at all: Skype, Zoom, Hangouts or FaceTime, the choice is yours. I promise the sessions will be as effective and you'll avoid the stress to commute while saving extra time to use for other important things in your life.

meeting at your home

For no extra charge, I can join you for a session directly in the confort of your home. Ideal to fit your tight schedule or your unavailability to move.


holistic nutrition coaching program


(3 sessions)

up to2h

150/ session

choose to attend the session either at the studio or via video call


of follow-up


120/ session

choose to attend the session either at the studio or via video call

follow-up convenience packs

Follow-up pack 5

110/ session

550 CHF paid in advance
Follow-up pack 10

100/ session

1000 CHF paid in advance

grocery shopping advisory

Shop with awareness


120/ session

In case of appointment cancellation, please inform us 24 hours in advance, otherwise the session will be invoiced regardless.

Payments accepted in cash or credit & debit card at the end of each session.

Where to
find us?
In a warm and welcoming multi-therapy center downtown Vevey, at 5′ walk from the train station

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