LOUR WOMEN! So beautiful, so sensitive, so connected to life, so united, so different, so complex and so beautiful ... We are extraordinary beings, endowed with power, strength, an impressive capacity to undertake several things at the same time, that men envy us ... gifted with empathy, listening ... We often put ourselves aside to give priority to others: children, family, husbands, work, friends ... We are the definition of love!

Everything we are capable of doing requires immense energy! And this frenetic pace sometimes makes us forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle, of treating and loving our body as it deserves.

From adolescence to menopause, we go through several stages and we come to know our cyclical hormonal variations, which are particularly powerful during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Hormones influence us throughout our lives with a much stronger physical and psychological impact than in the opposite sex. Let's be honest...men have other qualities, but they could never live with those fluctuations. Sometimes with our hormones it is a story of hate and love: premenstrual syndrome, fertility, conception, pregnancy, menopause. They can handle us completely or we can get to know them, live them fully in a dance that lasts a lifetime.

Good food and lifestyle can minimize the physical and psychological consequences of these variations. Some needs are common to all ages:

1. Good mineral intake. Mostly:

  • Calcium: to fight against premenstrual syndrome, for the good progress of pregnancy, for bone health during menopause
  • Magnesium: for premenstrual syndrome, to avoid pregnancy cramps, for the mind in menopause (among others)
  • Iodine: fundamental at any age for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, efficient production of our hormones and our metabolism
  • Iron: extremely important and often deficient during puberty, fertility and pregnancy
  • Zinc: for skin, vision, fertility, bone metabolism and immunity

2. Good intake of vitamins. Mostly:

  • Vitamin D: for bone, immune system and brain health
  • Vitamins of group B: for cellular metabolism, the skin, the immune system, in a very general way. In particular vitamin B9 (folic acid) very important before conception and also during menopause.

3. Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA: fundamental at all ages for the health of cell membranes, for the skin, the brain, better management of stress, eyesight, fetal development, prevention of cardiovascular disease and depression.

4. Balance between the omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid intake to avoid inflammation

5. Tryptophan amino acid precursor of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of good humor: sufficient intake is fundamental to limit the drop in serotonin linked to the female cycle and to our hormones at all ages.

We find everything in a balanced and natural diet: once again nature offers us everything that is necessary. These nutrients can also be used in food supplements, in the form of a cure, in periods when the needs become increased (pregnancy and lactation), or when the absorption capacity is weakened, but also to help fight certain symptoms during menopause ( osteoporosis, depression…), to prevent disease and slow aging.

Each element deserves an individual article. This month, in honor of the women, I wanted to offer you a little tasting of the essentials!

I accompany you with great pleasure and passion to discover this universe.

Treat yourself to everything you need, without compromise ... treat your body like a temple to learn, in all serenity, to discover and fully and fully experience the magic of the feminine that is in you.

This article was first published in lecentrecoaching.ch


Daniela VIGANÒ


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