"Cevery moment in life is a departure and sets us apart from the past “- Louise Hay -

2020 is now behind, as many of us expected, and yet we feel there hasn't been the change, the transformation we imagined, right?

This feeling is legitimate, the restrictions are still very present and our “normal” life is not yet there, the energies around us are very special, thoughts of all kinds accumulate and heat our heads, increasing therefore our stress level.

Did you know that an average of 60,000 thoughts are sent out each day? Most of them are still the same and often they do not turn in the right direction, but rather towards negativity: even more in this time of uncertainty, of media bombardment with information which can provoke the anxiety, fear, a lack of confidence in a future that becomes more and more blurry.

Serenity and joy seem like a mirage.

In this context, we find ourselves too much in the mind, which directs us, which allows us to analyze, which gives us the illusion of controlling, even when we cannot.

At the same time, our body, which accompanies the mind, takes on more and more emotions and stress.

Anxiety pierces us, it rises, we lose hope, we feel like we are going around in circles without a solution, without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the perfect time to focus, to learn to anchor in the present moment: it becomes a necessity to return to our needs, to return to a state of well-being, harmony and health.

Grounding is the journey that takes us from head to heart.

It is not a simple choice to make: it means letting go of the mind that gives us the dream of being able to control, we lose our bearings, it means taking a step into the unknown.

If, on the other hand, we knew the beneficial effects of this choice on our health, our well-being, our harmony, it would scare us much less and it would make us want to take care of ourselves.

Today, I'm here to help you discover anchoring.

The anchoring allows usTo be in unconditional love for yourself, your body and your life

  • To cease all comparison with others: these comparisons do not correspond to who we are
  • To learn to listen to your body, to your being
  • To learn to accept your fragility and your emotions, to welcome them and forgive them
  • To regain one's inner power of knowing how to restore harmony, well-being and health
  • To connect to the Self, to its true essence and to discover yourself a little more every day
  • To learn to live in the present moment, which opens the door to an unlimited number of possibilities

In the present moment the past and the future do not exist, they cannot influence or hurt us. In the present moment we find what is necessary for us, in the present moment we are learning to live like children again.

Children do not know time, it is in the present moment that they find the love they need, games, attentions, it is in the present moment that they marvel.

It’s neither tomorrow nor yesterday, these two concepts are not right for them, they live fully and completely in the here and now.

In adulthood, we are overwhelmed with responsibilities, with an endless list of “to do's” and we gradually lose this ability to ground and take root, more and more thrown at the tasks of the next day.

Anchoring has other benefits as well:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, negative thoughts
  • Find a good state of energy
  • Increase self-confidence, feel more fulfilled
  • Help you let go more easily
  • Helping to gradually destroy any blockages or beliefs that prevent us from living fully
  • Help cultivate joy, its true nature

Concretely, how to do it?

Several activities allow it:

  • Sports activities: walking, running ...
  • Meditation, mindfulness, cardiac coherence
  • Dancing, singing, yoga ...
  • Body care
  • Writing, drawing, painting
  • Any activity in contact with nature
  • Laughter, anything that gives us joy

Do not wait any longer, especially in the current context, that you feel that your thoughts are going in circles, choose an activity that brings you back to yourself, to your essence, to joy.

Everything will thus find its colors, its beautiful shades and you will find a clarity of mind that will guide you in your life and your projects.

This article was first published in lecentrecoaching.ch


Daniela VIGANÒ


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