Lhe month of May has appeared and entered our homes, perhaps our hearts. It's the month of roses, of Mother's Day, for me it's the one that is most representative of spring.

I am speaking to women, to couples, who are facing a journey of medically assisted procreation, because the majority of them have seen their dream “frozen”, until further notice, because of the pandemic. I speak to these people knowingly, I know what you are going through right now, and for this reason I want to give you a different perspective and maybe help you feel less alone right now. of semi-confinement.

For those who experience assisted reproduction, it is already a process that brings up a feeling of loneliness, accompanied by many other emotions: anger, injustice, control, fear, hope, uncertainty. It's a path full of personal challenges, yes... what if it was just rich?

Could we enrich this moment with something other than challenges?

Do not underestimate your ability to be resilient, to bounce back, to recover from certain difficult situations and to adapt to change. Yes, you are waiting, waiting for treatment, waiting to be able to start traveling again to go to a clinic abroad, but, again, it is up to you to decide how to live this waiting time.

We can feel victimized, we can choose the feeling of injustice that is very familiar to us, we can see it as a sign "made" just for us, to show us that we are not on the right path, a sign who tells us that we'll never get there, that we don't deserve it.

Or, one can decide differently: this waiting time can then change color, emotions and thoughts.

1. This is the right time to change our history by letting go of the victim that is us and putting on our warrior gear.

By always repeating the same story, we always reach the same result, we will have the same experiences, we will always have the same emotions that confirm the story we have always told ourselves.We enter a spiral of fear and anxiety.

What if, when we realize that we are reliving the same story, we stop for a moment to ask ourselves: “Why am I telling myself this? Is it true?". At that moment, we stop the flow of thoughts that pierces our mind every day, which is familiar to it and which it does not want to let go. At this moment, we can choose different thoughts like: “I am exactly where I need to be right now”, “I love myself and I will take care of myself more and more”, “I am opening up to see and receive infinite possibilities”.

Our conscious, our Ego, is not going to understand, but so we begin to educate it, to direct it towards the life, the positive thoughts, the experiences and the emotions that we really want to live.

2. Honor your thoughts, even the old ones, even the most debilitating ones: Meditation is a powerful tool for becoming aware, letting go, and infusing yourself with a different, more aligned, grounded, and balanced energy. I advise you to start doing it, once a day at least. There's no better time than now to get started!

3. For neophytes, guided meditations, cardiac coherence, EFT (emotional freedom technique) are the easiest ways to find immediate benefits, deep relaxation and let go of stress.

4. No longer talk about the problem, but about the solutions: in this way we give them much more power and we begin to experience the emotions relating to positivism.

5. Take advantage of taking care of yourself: often, before starting a treatment, we are advised to take antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements that participate in the improvement of gametes. Take advantage of this moment of break by being accompanied by professionals.

6. Take it as a moment of rest from the treatments for your body and for your mind as well: they deserve it.

7. Welcome and let your emotions out: if you feel like crying or screaming it's ok, let them go and move on.

8. Optimize your diet, find an optimal weight, sleep and treat yourself to a good restful night's sleep. Confide in people who can help you in this process. I am here to accompany you.

9. Above all, do not eat your emotions and the feeling of emptiness that may arise. Find something you enjoy to distract yourself from that fake hunger.

10. Take care of yourself and don't spend your days in pajamas, you deserve the best care, it's an act of respect and love for yourself.

11. Move in all possible ways: walk, play sports, yoga, dance and let your intuition guide you. Feel free in space, in matter, savor this movement of energy, connect more and more with your center, with your body. Movement increases the body's resilience to stress. Moving increases our state of well-being, gives us more energy, makes us feel all the life that exists in each of our cells.

12.Remember that it's ok to feel good, to feel joy, it's our primary right and it's a shame to deprive ourselves of it. Even in the most complicated situations there can be moments of gratitude, hope, happiness and bliss.

13. Do what you like: hot baths for two, romantic dinners prepared together, also dedicate moments just for you with massages, treatments that you like… treat yourself, the choice is vast!

14. Basically, train this resilience: life will always confront us with situations beyond our control, which will require us to adapt.

Remain flexible and open to see and receive solutions

15. Imagine your nest, your child, tell him about yourself, your emotions, your love.

16. Remember that it's not your fault and above all that you are not alone.

All of these activities help us reduce stress and anxiety for those who were deemed to be “a waste of time”. They help us calm the mind with a beneficial effect on our hormones, among other things, because stress acts directly on the pituitary-hypothalamus axis.

By discovering this inner magic, in ourselves and in the couple, it is impossible to feel alone, we will instead find a feeling of fullness.

Take advantage of this time to reclaim your life before medically assisted procreation, to bounce back, to develop even more, to find all the necessary calm and optimism that will help you face the next treatment.

Everything will be alright!

This article was first published in lecentrecoaching.ch


Daniela VIGANÒ


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