Bwelcome February, month of love! Impossible to think of this month without mentioning Valentine's Day, world day of love!

What place do you give in life? What image of yourself and your body do you have?Do you love yourself as you are?

Food is often linked to emotions, beliefs, moods, it can be influenced by the thousands of information available, by media images of a healthy and supposedly “fit” body. All of these conditions influence our relationship with food, thus being able to induce unbalanced eating behaviors that harm our physical and mental well-being.

The path to self-love also passes through the plate.

The choice of our foods and the way we eat are a reflection of this, since we become the fruit of what we eat. Choosing to give our body simple, living, natural foods allows it to have all the nutrients it needs to optimize the functioning of all its organs and to be healthy. Also, eating while listening to each other and respecting our body, our senses, leads us to explore our inner universe, our emotions. It is a state of mindfulness that allows us to choose differently and better. It is an act of love that is part of learning to love yourself and heal yourself.

For this month of February, I offer you a little challenge, perhaps a first step for those who have not yet fallen in love with themselves:

1. Treat yourself at least once a week to an activity that you like, that relaxes you, that gives you pleasure and joy. This is your Valentine's Day gift.

2. Forget the stereotypical beauties conveyed by the media, recognize your beauty!

3. Write in a journal one sentence of gratitude each day about your body.

4. In front of the mirror looking into your eyes, repeat.. “I love myself, each day, more and more”. You will realize that this beautiful affirmation will chain many others!

5. Ask yourself every day, “what am I choosing to do today to love myself a little more?”

6. Choose to eat in a healthy and conscious way: health and pleasure on the same plate go together perfectly!

You are unique in this world and so perfect! I wish you with all my heart to infuse your looks with unconditional love towards yourselves!

This article was first published in lecentrecoaching.ch


Daniela VIGANÒ


I offer personalized support in nutrition, according to your objectives, your needs, your different contexts, your constitutions, your state of health, your habits, your desires… since you are unique …… ..learn more

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