Uhe quote found in a daily calendar particularly inspired me:

“Life is like a book. You have to turn the pages to move forward, and sometimes resolve to finish a chapter that you loved. "

I find it very appropriate at the moment: we are finishing a chapter with the end of semi-containment and at the same time we are in the middle of writing our 2020 book.

Have I moved forward or am I stuck looking back?

I admit, a bit of both.

Yet looking at all the goals I set for myself at the start of the year, I can be quite proud:

  • The development of my life mission in nutrition
  • The magnificent results obtained with highly motivated patients
  • Attention to my body, to my physical and mental well-being
  • My training which becomes day after day more profound and exciting
  • Lots of tested recipes to offer
  • Daily personal development sessions (books, audiobooks, documentaries, writing work)

Despite all this, sometimes my ego pulls me back, asking me (what I call) "The sabotage questions":

Have you really done enough?

Why haven't you acted or thought differently?

What is it that keeps you from being at the next level, getting what you want most?

Does this speak to you?

There are days like this where discouraging emotions arise, where a small event pushes us all the way down, where we feel like we are taking 10,000 steps back.

Do you also happen to become your worst judge?

Personally, this is a bit of my comfort zone, the one that always gives the same answers, the one that prevents me from feeling fully connected to others, the one that brings up a sense of guilt, sadness, helplessness. The one that is so familiar and that I want to get rid of.

And here is a new very important objective because the judgment prevents to radiate, prevents to connect, prevents to receive.

It may sound weird but, don't judge your judgment: acknowledge it, understand it, honor it and let go. And, finally, forgive yourself.

I find the technique of the Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping) particularly indicated to help us in these steps: the energies go up and circulate differently, we reconnect to our interior source and to an energy of peace and love, we offer motivational and positive sentences.

Healing from judgment means regaining true love for ourselves and a strengthened ability to forgive.

Today I did not talk to you about nutrition, it's true, but as I announced in my previous articles, nutrition is not just food: there are several levels in the individual and holistic nutrition explores them in 360 °.

Because even the best foods can become indigestible if the states of mind and heart are not aligned.

I wish you a wonderful month of June, a month of assessment, of rebound, of change ... We can still correct things this year, are you going to do it?

This article was first published in lecentrecoaching.ch


Daniela VIGANÒ


I offer personalized support in nutrition, according to your objectives, your needs, your different contexts, your constitutions, your state of health, your habits, your desires… since you are unique …… ..learn more

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