CIt's spring and unlike us nature does not stand still, it does not submit to the rules of confinement. The flowers fill and color the trees, the animals are beginning to emerge, this year less timid, because the men have left room, finally.

If winter represents the “closure” of humanity, we protect ourselves from the cold and bad weather, we take a break, spring allows us to open up again, to leave our home, to reconnect. more and more to each other. This year, however, this season has a different flavor: suddenly we have lost our precious freedom, we are subject to strict rules, we find ourselves "in danger" by an unknown and invisible enemy.

The main message sent by the media is tostay at home, what I find to be aact of responsibilityto all the people on the front lines to save lives. We have thepossibility to choosehow to deal with this confinement.

The world was moving too fast, at a speed that was difficult to stop with this pace of life that had become almost an addiction. It's been a really long time since we last had thegift of timein our hands. And, with my heart turned to the people who are suffering, I decide to choose in a conscious, positive and constructive way, I decide to turn to me.

Who can I become during this time? What can I do to learn even more about myself, my life, my mission, my passions? Also, what can I do for others?

This period can bechance of change: to also learn how totake care of yourself. The fear of the virus can make us aware of the importance of our body, our terrain, our immunity: perhaps the boost forstart taking care of your health, to relearn how to listen to ourselves and devote time to ourselves and to our families and loved ones.

The evolution of everyone goes through every little change.

I decided to connect even more to food, not only in a health dimension, but also more and more in thepleasure dimension, creativity. And every day I offer my family at least one different plate, colorful, lively,greedywhile remaining healthy. We take the time to eat in peace, wesacralisonsreally meal time. It's amoment of sharingunique, too often restricted to a few minutes to make room for something else. And yet, rediscovering flavors, textures, appreciating calm and sharing at the table is a gift.

I decided tomeditate more, to be more and more aligned, centered, connected to others despite the distances. I replaced the travel time with meditation or heart coherence to connect heart and mind more and more.

I reconnected with people I had left out for “lack of time”, to hear from them, to help, in some cases to help overcome loneliness.

I felt asolidarityformidableamong the people,capacity for mutual aidincredible: many people who want to help and give their contribution, listen to those who want to express their emotions during this time. Even helping one's neighbor in need becomes a fundamental act.

There are things of exceptional richness and suddenly I focus on them. I feed my thoughts with joy, gratitude, happiness for the new bonds that this situation has given me, for the new possibilities that I have to help transform tomorrow, to flood it with light and love.

It's up to me, like you, to choose. So, what choice do you make today?

This article was first published in lecentrecoaching.ch


Daniela VIGANÒ


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